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Pepper Agro Garden Hose Reel Trolley

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    1. 5/8' Hose Up to 120 feet (16mm Hose Up to 35m), 1/2" Hose Up to 150 Feet (13mm Hose Up to 45m)
    2. Hose Reels provide fuss free storage of your garden hose by winding it away into a neat coil.
    3. Can be easily moved around the garden,These reels are ideal for large gardens and are great if you need to water areas that are far away from your tap.
    4. The Hose Trolley can be especially easily pulled,The smooth-running profiled wheels give greater comfort.
    1. Made from the highest quality plastics, the 60m capacity Hose Cart will stand the hard wearing challenge of gardening tasks, time after time.
    2. With a small internal drum diameter and an extra-long winding handle, rewinding is a breeze. This hose reel has oversized patterned wheels and a steel axle, which makes moving this hose reel easy.
    3. It has a wide stance and low centre of gravity to make it very stable when pulling out the hose.
    4. Freestanding with a large handle for easy movement around a garden.
    5. Reinforced axis ensures stability and ease of use making all gardening tasks a breeze.
    6. One piece winding handle and sturdy frame allow for quick and easy rewinding.