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Pepper Agro Garden Tool Wooden Handle Weeding Fork Weeder 2 Piece Kit

  • Material:wooden and iron,Colour: Brown and green,Size: 22CMX2CMX2CM, Weight:0.105 kg
  • Gardening tool kit Wooden Handle Weeding Fork Weeder 2 Piece Kit, trowel is perfect for tending small plants.The sharp, wide teeth of the weeding folk and weeder easily cut through the toughest perennial clumps in the garden, making separating or moving established plants a breeze. Perfect for digging through stony soil, it has a compact blade that's ideal for working in tight spaces. And the T-shaped handle lets you push through soil and roots with minimal strain on hands and wrists
  • This unique tool has a sharp iron "finger" that grabs weeds, roots and all. It weeds deeply and precisely without damaging nearby plants. It's also handy for breaking up compacted soil, and eliminating weeds from tight spaces like sidewalk cracks. You can work from a standing position, minimizing strain on knees and back. The blade is made from self-sharpening iron with a zinc coating.
  • Weed and folk from a standing position,Unique blade breaks up any soil with ease,Great for tight spots like sidewalk cracks and rock gardens.Also terrific for cultivating and planting
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