Pepper Agro


Pepper Agro Multipurpose Latex Gloves Water Proof

    1. Durable Natural rubber latex Gloves,Provides Textured palm grip and flawless hand protection
    2. Elegant appearance, Beautiful Colors
    3. Applicalble for Multipurposes like Gardening, cleaning, heavy eqipment maintainance.
    4. 100% Natural Latex , Environmental and Non-toxic, Latex gloves with wear-resistant, durable thorn.
    5. Resistance to acid and alkali, oil, fuel oil and various solvents, etc.,
    1. Prevent oil effect is good. Stain resistant washable and Waterproof Household Gloves,Good elasticity, prevent bacteria.
    2. Non-slip tread,covering the entire palm not slip,non-corrosive Durable Long Lasting ,Allows Hands to Breathe.
    3. Daily household washing bowls, dishes,plates, cleaning house,utensils, clothes,fruits ,vegetables,tableware cookers, using a variety of detergents,electric tea set not to hurt the hand, not afraid of hot water, safe.
    4. Leading the fashion trend ! Brand New and Professional Quality. Also A healthy life for us.
    1. Lenght = 30cm
    2. Width = 13cm
    3. Height = 1cm