Pepper Agro


Pepper Agro Drip Irrigation Drip Stakes

    1. The Stake enables you to anchor 4mm irrigation feederline pipe to the ground without damaging the soil, grass or plant roots.
    2. Ideal for using directly in the ground, or for installing pipe in plant containers.
    3. Manufactured from high quality materials to be heat, chemical and wear resistant. Also UV stabilised to prevent deterioration under the sun.
    1. The hose is simply clicked into the top of the stake, and the stake is easily pushed into the ground.
    2. Anchoring your irrigation pipes minimises the risk of tripping, and allows you to keep the pipework and drippers in the exact positions that you need them.
    3. Suitable for use with Dripline.
    1. Length = 9cm
    2. Breadth = 2.5cm
    3. Height = 0.5cm