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Pepper Agro Drip Irrigation Garden Watering Drip Kit with Electronic Timer for 50 Plants

set of components:

16mm main supply line pipe-25 meters

4mm feeder line pipe-25 meters

Drip emitters-50 numbers

Feeder to main supply line connectors-50 numbers

Emitter Stakes-50 numbers

Dummy -15 numbers (For closing any unwanted hole in main supply line)

Elbow connector-10 numbers

T connector-5 numbers

Straight connector with tap-3 (Stop supply to particular line)

Straight connector-3

Universal water tap adapter-1

End cap-10

Drip hole punch-1 (Tool to make hole in mainsupply pipe)

Graphical installation manual


This water timer is designed with simplicity, ease to use to handle your garden watering

It can manage your irrigation even in your absence

This irrigation timer can be used for control of irrigation system in the domestic sector.

Water Connection: 21mm tap with 26.5mm thread, 120-micron steel mesh inside it.Water Pressures: Max. 6 Bar / 150 PSI


Hose connection: 13mm(1/2")

Suitable for all known plug-in systems.

water temperature: less than 40 degree

power: 2 x aaa batteries ( not included )

You can set 16 sets of watering time one day

Package Includes:

1 x Water timer controller

1 x Fitting

1 x Flap lid

1 x connector

1 x English manual


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