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Pepper Agro Drip Irrigation Accessories Plant Watering Straight Connector with Tap Joiner regulator Flow Adjustor


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    1. Easily connect your irrigation system to your garden tap or timer using one of these adaptors.
    2. Straight connectors are particularly useful for re-connecting two ends of irrigation pipe.
    3. where the pipe has been damaged, or to connect to a new length of pipe.
    1. Manufactured from UV stabilised materials to protect against deterioration from the sun's rays.
    2. The connector features sharp-edged barbs that create a tight connection.
    3. Suitable for use with Dripline.
    1. 12mm
    2. Open diameter = 12mm
    3. Length = 6cm
    4. Height = 2.5cm
    5. 16mm
    6. Open diameter = 16mm
    7. Length = 6cm
    8. Height = 3cm