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Pepper Agro Alyssum Snow White Flower Seeds, 2 Packs

    1. Early and extended flowering season (all year round, provided there are no frosts)
    2. Dwarf compact plant producing abundant flowers
    3. Spectacular white fragrant flowers.
    4. Easy to grow, with seeds typically germinating in 10 - 14 days from sowing.
    5. Prefers full sun but will grow in part shade,Hardy annual, although depending on soil moisture, can be self-seeding.
    1. Alyssum "Snow White " is an easy to grow annual, which produces spectacular mounds of fragrant white flowers with little effort.
    2. Alyssum "Snow White " is a compact variety of Alyssum, which flowers very quickly and produces beautiful flowers throughout the year.
    3. This self-seeding variety is an ideal cottage plant, as it will generally grow as a quasi-perennial, by renewing itself through naturalised seedlings.
    4. Alyssum is commonly used as a border plant in cottage gardens and a companion plants in vegetable and herb gardens, as they act as a natural pest repellent for many common vegetable pests.