Pepper Agro


Pepper Agro Calendula Officinalis Gitana fiesta Mixed Flower seeds 2 packs

    1. Annual flowert plant.
    2. May be started inside 4-6 weeks early, but is usually direct seeded about a week before last frost or once the soil has warmed up to 21°C.
    3. Sow Πinch deep and 2-4 inches apart, thin seedlings to 8 inches apart.
    4. Grow in full sun or very light shade.
    5. Remove spent flowers for a continuous bloom.
    6. End January-March for flowering in April-May, July-August for flowering in February-April, November-February for cut flower production in greenhouse.
    1. A delightful array of double blooms in cream, apricot, yellow and orange atop the sweetest little plants.
    2. This dwarf variety is more compact than other varieties and is just right for the front of the border and in sweeps along pathways.
    3. Plants produce uniform, long lasting cut flowers all summer long.
    4. Grows 12-14" high and 8-10" wide.