Pepper Agro


Copper Embossed Jug Set for Serving Drinking Water with Royal Embossed Tumblers (Glass)

  • JUG- HEIGHT-7.6”Inch, BREADTH- 3.3”Inch, WEIGHT-460GM, GLASS(INCH)- HEIGHT-4.4”Inch, BREADTH-2.1”Inch, WEIGHT-140GM.
  • The set consists of one jug and 4 tumblers (Glass). This Jug set represent the culture of Pride and traditions.
  • A great way to add copper treated water in your daily life.
  • Copper is a natural anti-oxidant and It helps to Boost the immune Power which leads to Healthy Body and faster healing of wounds and cuts.
  • This unique Beautiful Design set of copper jug and tumblers or glass is specially made for reaping the benefits of copper charged water.