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Pepper Agro Hanging Flower Pots 8 inch Planter with Plant Saucer Blue


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    1. High Quality Matte Finish.
    2. Growing Healthy Root.
    3. This environment supports a healthy root system with a steady dose of water while retaining soil nutrients that are traditionally lost through seepage.
    4. Perfect for your patio, front porch, balcony or inside your home.
    1. Hanging planters bring petite flowers to eye level, where they can be examined, smelled, and touched.
    2. Hanging baskets bring beauty to the otherwise dull real estate of walls and rafters.
    3. Hanging baskets focus on the plants and the containers.
    4. The Hanging Pots from Livewell Green are full of colors and have great look and eye catching which would fulfill your objective of building a beautiful hanging garden around your home, in patios, from lampposts in your yards or from your balconies.
    5. It works as drainage and helps to know if the water in the storage has dried up and re-watering is needed.
    1. Length = 22 cm
    2. Breadth = 22 cm
    3. Height = 48 cm