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Pepper Agro Aster Double Mixed Flower seeds 2 packs

Aster Double Mixed Flower, also known as Callistephus chinensis is a small & exquisite bloom that looks gorgeous in planters and containers. It is grown for its cut blooms, loose petals, bedding plants for flower decoration in garlands and bouquets. The garden flower is a fast growing annual flower with densely packed & fragrant petals in flower bulb which are disc shaped with tall stems. The plant grows upto a height of 11 to 14 inches depending on the planting spot. This variety of Pompon flower is really popular for their warm pastel colors. Be ready to welcome a lot of butterflies to your home garden since Aster Pompon Flowers are highly favored by many colorful varieties of butterflies. Aster Double Mix is a great flower for beginners since they are easy to maintain and can be rapidly grown from seeds in home gardens to create a mass aesthetic effect to the whole floral arrangement.