Pepper Agro


Pepper Agro Bottle Spray Gun for Water Pesticide Car Wash Brass Nozzle Sprayer Set of 2Qty

    1. Bottle Top Sprayer Pump Action Fits most standard screw top bottles.Simple pump action.Adjustable spray pattern.
    2. Sprays almost any liquids. Ideal for gardening, holi and use in the home, workshop, garage and shed.
    3. Big bottle provides safety plus ample capacity for garden spraying applications.
    4. Strong comfortable pump handle for safe and convenient working.
    5. Spray nozzle fully adjustable from single jet to fine mist.
    1. Bottle hand sprayer with powerful pump action and pressure relief valve.
    2. Includes variable jet brass hose nozzle for precise application of plant feeds/watering etc.
    3. Suitable for use with most garden and Car Top.
    4. Release the Liquid by Pressing thumb on the Button of the Spray Pump.
      1. Dimension : 28 x 2 x 2 cm