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Pepper Agro Broccoli Green Giant Vegetable seeds 2 Packs

  • No of seeds 50 in each pack
  • Broccoli is an annual cool-season crop hardy to frosts and light freezing, often overlooked and overcooked.
  • Direct seeding of broccoli plants is possible.
  • Fertilize three weeks after transplanting.
  • Broccoli transplants can grow in six to eight weeks for a summer crop and only five to six weeks for a fall crop. When growing transplants in the spring, you want to make sure to give them enough cold weather to harden off, but make sure they are protected from freezing temperatures.
  • Provide a uniform water supply to your plants. You should water the garden in the morning so the foliage is dry before the sun goes down.

    Make sure you water the broccoli enough to moisten the soil to a depth of six inches at least. If you only sprinkle the plants lightly, your broccoli will have shallow roots and not get the nutrients it needs to provide you with a good crop.

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