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Combo Pack Of Carrot Seeds / Root Plug / 4Inch Pot

    1. This Offering Contains a combo pack of Carrot seeds with free root plug and 4inch pot.
    2. Carrot has good storage potential, some natural resistance to carrot fly, and due to its strong growth can be left in the ground over winter.
    3. Carrots do best on light, stone-free, fertile soil. Stores well into winter.
    4. No of seeds is 800 in each pack
    1. Carrots make for a great mid-meal snack too.
    2. Simply pick a carefully washed and peeled one and munch on the fresh goodness.
    3. Even for salads you can play around a bit and experiment with interesting shapes.
    4. You can grate, shred, julienne, or slice them in sticks or roundels.
    5. Even if you want to cook them, make sure not to expose them to heat for longer periods as it will considerably reduce the benefits of beta-carotene and other antioxidants.