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Pepper Agro Cherry Tomato Hybrid Vegetable seeds 2 packs

  • Cherry tomatoes is an admixture of the garden and the wild-currant type variety of tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are succulent, refreshing, and extremely flavorful.
  • They are a popular addition to salads, even sangrias, smoothies, or regularly eaten raw. If you love juicy tomatoes, then this variety will surely become your favorite. Apart from being so tasty, the Cherry tomatoes are also very nutritious and healthful.
  • No of seeds is 20 in each pack,Cherry tomatoes are very low in sodium, saturated fats, and cholesterol. Beautiful to look at, and very tasty to savor, the Cherry tomatoes will be an excellent way to beautify and add nourishment to your gardens.
  • Fertilize two weeks prior to first picking and again two weeks after first picking.
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