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Pepper Agro Clarkia Double Mixed Flower seeds 2 packs

    1. Gorgeous double flowers in shades of rose, salmon, white, purple and crimson. Double Mixed clarkia plants are upright-growing, to 1œ-2 ft. tall
    2. No of seeds 40-50.Package contains 2 packs of seeds
    3. Once the Seedling are transplanted to beds or pots, fertilizing (1g 17:17/ litre of water) has to be started 10 days after transplanting. This can be repeated once in 15 days.
    4. Sowing Season: August to octobner Blooming period September to December.
    1. A classic cottage garden plant. A simple to grow and very effective mix of semi-double and double blooms. Great in the border or as cut flowers for the house.
    2. While Clarkia does best in sunny or mostly sunny locations, some light afternoon shade will be beneficial in areas with very hot summer temperatures. Keep Clarkia evenly watered - especially in periods of drought.
    3. Clarkia makes an elegant statement in the garden and works nicely as a cut flower.