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COMBO OFFER- 200g Coco Peat Substitute Potting Soil and Organic Fertilizer

    1. * M-Plant Food helps in improving soil structures i.e. the physical condition of the soil and also improves fertility of the soil.
    2. *There is better root proliferation.
    3. * It acts as a strong repellant to insects and reduces larvicidal activity, nematode population and mycoplasmas (MLO’s).
    4. *It checks activity of root grubs and soil other soil insects.
    5. *It does not leave harmful residue and does not cause problem of pollution.
    1. Soilless Medium
    2. Easy Installation
    3. Re-potting not required unlike Soil
    4. Weed and Pathogen free
    5. High Water Retention
    6. Organic Materials used. No Chemicals and 100% natural components included
    7. Light weight and easy to move around at home
    8. Scientifically tested and processed horticulture grade materials included
    9. This is an excellent substitute for soil and would also act as an amazing soil conditioner
    10. Easily storable and used based on requirement What you can grow * Flowers, Vegetables,Indoor Plants,Ornamental Plants,Anthurium