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Pepper Agro Daisy Double Mixed Flower seeds 2 packs

Daisy Double Mix is a winter flower that blooms in an array of shades. It is a dwarf, dense flowering plant that serves well as pot plants and flower beds. Daisies belong to the daisy family of Compositae, now known as Asteraceae in flowering plants. Daisies are native to north and central Europe. Daisies are an easy to grow perennial, that brightens the flower garden, and is great for indoor vases and arrangements. While there are dozens of varieties of daisies, the most popular are the Shasta Daisy, Painted Daisy, and African Daisies. Daisies like rich, well drained soil and full sunshine. They will readily tolerate poorer soils and partial shade as well. Daisies are among the most popular of flowers of both gardeners and non-gardeners. These flowers are also known to be the best for kids and beginners. Daisy is not only a beautiful ornamental addition to your home but its leaves are edible and can make a tasty companion to your salads. They are closely related to artichoke and are high in Vitamin C. Daisies also have lots of medicinal properties along with beauty.