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Pepper Agro Dianthus Ideal mixed flower seeds 2 packs

    1. Dianthus is a great annual for spring, summer, and fall. Ideal Select Mix features a great blend of white, red, and rose flowers.
    2. No of seeds 40-50.Package contains 2 packs of seeds
    3. This colorful annual is an early bloomer and has good garden performance throughout the season.
    4. Dianthus thrives in fertile, fast draining soil. It should be watered 2-3 times a week until it becomes established.
    1. Well-suited for both spring and fall sales, this mixture offers the best colors from the original Ideal series. All varieties in the mix demonstrate well-matched habit and a tight flowering window. The bright green leaves contrast well with clusters of brightly colored, lacy-edged 1 to 1-1/4" flowers. Although an annual, many times these will reseed and come up again next year. Dianthus plants may grow in partial shade or full sun, and are drought tolerant when established.
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