Pepper Agro


Pepper Agro Drip Irrigation Accessories Plant Watering Emitter Dripper

    1. Emitter distribute water over a small diameter and allow you to deliver water directly to the plant roots.
    2. Pressure compensated drippers maintain the flow rate over the system providing even watering.
    3. drippers insert directly into the lateral supply pipe, or at the end of 4mm micro pipe coming off the supply pipe.
    4. Alternatively they come on in line or end of line spikes which can be inserted at the base of the plants.
    5. In-line drippers are connected with 4mm micro pipe, in a daisy chain effect.
    6. End of line drippers will be connected at the end of 4mm micro pipe. Separate stakes and extension pieces are not usually required for drippers.
    1. Lenght = 3.5cm
    2. Breadth =2.7cm
    3. Height = 3cm