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Pepper Agro Drip Irrigation Accessories Plant Watering Elbow Connector

    1. Elbow pieces are generally to guide irrigation pipe around corners rather than 'bending' the pipe which can cause kinking and therefore reduction of flow through the pipes.
    2. We have a wide variety of connectors available to make sure that connections are easy and straightforward.
    3. Manufactured from high quality materials to be heat, chemical and wear resistant. Also UV stabilised to prevent deterioration under the sun.
    1. The elbow pieces are generally easy to fit and straightforward to use.
    2. Simply place the corner where it is needed and bending and kinking of the pipe is greatly reduced.
    3. Suitable for use with Dripline.
    1. 12mm Connector
    2. Open Diameter = 12mm
    3. Length = 4cm
    4. Height = 0.4cm
    5. 16mm Connector
    6. Open Diameter = 16mm
    7. Length = 5cm
    8. Height = 1.5cm