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Hole Punch Hand Tool For Drip Irrigation to Make hole in 16 mm Drip hose

  • Material : Metal and Plastic, Dimension : 11x10x2 cm
  • Used to make punch holes on 16mm Drip Irrigation hose.
  • Designed for easy and comfortable handling.

  • Dimension

    Length = 11 cm

    Breadth = 10 cm

    Height = 2 cm


    This multi punch hand tool used in horticultural drip irrigation is made of hard, new polypropylene plastic and useful to make two different sizes of punch holes on your

    16mm polyethylene drip irrigation hose.

    That can be used to insert the 4 mm connector pins easily and perfectly into the punch holes made on the drip hose.

    Hard Polypropylene plastic material in a comfortable holding design .

    Can use to make punch holes fof two different sizes. Also useful for easily inserting 4mm connecter pins into the punch holes.

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