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Watering Straight Connector Joiner Drip Irrigation Accessories For Plant Watering

    1. Manufactured from UV stabilised materials to protect against deterioration from the sun's rays.
    2. The connector features sharp-edged barbs that create a tight connection and a leak-proof seal.
    3. The straight have increased strength and superior quality, and are heat, chemical and wear resistant compared to single barbed joiners.
    4. Suitable for use with Dripline.
    1. Straight connectors are particularly useful for re-connecting two ends of irrigation pipe.
    2. where the pipe has been damaged, or to connect to a new length of pipe.
    3. We have a wide variety of connection types available to make sure that connections are easy and straightforward.
    1. 12mm
    2. Open diameter = 12mm
    3. Length = 5cm
    4. Height = 1cm
    5. 16mm
    6. Open diameter = 16mm
    7. Length = 7cm
    8. Height = 1.3cm