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Pepper Agro Drip Irrigation Accessories Plant Watering Tee Connector

    1. Tee pieces are useful for splitting the flow of water from one pipe to another pipe.
    2. Tee connector are particularly useful for re-connecting three ends of irrigation pipe.
    3. where the pipe has been damaged, or to connect to a new length of pipe.
    4. Manufactured from high quality materials to be heat, chemical and wear resistant. Also UV stabilised to prevent deterioration under the sun.
    1. The connector features sharp-edged barbs that create a tight connection.
    2. Our wide range of connectors are easy to fit and straightforward to use - cut the pipe where there is a need to split the flow of water and push both ends of the cut pipe into the opposite connections.
    3. And then push further lengths of pipe into the remaining connections to divert water flow.
    4. Suitable for use with Dripline.
    1. 4mm
    2. Open diameter = 4mm
    3. Length = 1.5 cm
    4. Breadth = 1.5 cm
    5. Height = 0.5cm
    6. 12mm
    7. Open diameter = 12mm
    8. Length = 6cm
    9. Height = 1cm
    10. 16mm
    11. Open diameter = 16mm
    12. Length = 6cm
    13. Height = 2cm