Pepper Agro


Pepper Agro Easy And Smart Wifi Drip Irrigation Kit For (50plants)- Connect with Smartphone Android & (iOS) Form Anywhere | Schedules Water Timer And Many More


  • Control your Drip Irrigation system from Anywhere In the world using your iOS or Android smartphone. Easy Installation & get everything in the packing box, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Mi Home( Xiaomi) Voice Command Devices.
  • You can Easily turn water ON or OFF at a click of a button on your Android and iOS device. Schedules an automated water timer to water your plants automatically.
  • You can easily irrigate your balcony garden, Lawn, even crop field. A perfect thing to your Smart Home
  • Important information before Connect you need to ensure that you have a good WiFi signal at the installation location.
  • Do not supply Very high-pressure water as it can damage both your drip irrigation Kit as well as Wifi Easy Drip Box. while Installing make sure it is a safe location away from contact with water and rain.