Pepper Agro


Pepper Agro Flower Pot Plant Saucer Base Plate Planter Tray

    1. Ideal for indoor & outdoor use.Use these Tray Plates with your plant pots.
    2. It is UV Treated Plastic Saucers.
    3. It can sustain direct sunlight and can be kept outside all over the day.
    4. Contains Drainage holes.
    5. Black interior and White exterior for superior performance, reflecting sunlight back towards your plants.
    1. These reusable plastic saucers are designed to match most standard-sized nursery pots and other pots.
    2. Protects floors and decks from over-watering and features a ribbed bottom to keep planters up and out of water. Helps maintain a clean garden and healthy plants.
    3. A useful addition for any gardener. Hard wearing and durable saucers enable excess water without detracting from the pot.
    1. 4inch = 4*4*0.5 1nch
    2. 5inch = 5*5*0.8 inch
    3. 6inch = 6*6*1 inch
    4. 8inch = 8*8*1.3 Inch
    5. 10inch = 10*10*1.5 Inch

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