Pepper Agro


Pepper Agro Garden Tools Stainless Steel Transplanter/Fork with Wooden Handle 2 Piece Kit


Size :

Transplanter : 32cm*7cm.(l*b)

Fork : 30cm*8cm.(l*b)

Garden tool set for home very useful for home gardening.

This Gardening tool Kit has good quality blade that is ideal for scooping potting mix, and it holds more soil than traditional tools.

Its unique shape also makes it handy for scraping around the inside of a pot to loosen the plant.

The blade is hand-forged from stainless steel and wooden material, Unlike flimsy tools that are stamped from thin iron, this tool is ready for a lifetime of use by serious gardeners.

Package Included: Pepper Agro Garden Tool Wooden Handle Trowel Cultivator Weeding Fork Weeder 4 Piece Kit. The Perfect Tool Set For All Your Gardening Needs.