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UV-PROTECTION- Green House Garden Shade Nets Green Color

Uv Protection
    1. Green Shade Net protects the crop against the infrared (I.R.) and Ultraviolet Rays (U.V.)
    2. Protects the crop against the heavy rain and air · Green house enables the farmer to best utilize the waste land and increase the cultivation area for increasing the output With green net even small piece of land can yield in high output.
    3. The level of Carbon dioxide remains high in green house which increases the photosynthesis process and results in higher yield of the crop cultivated.
    4. Green house the environment of the crop can be controlled resulting in healthy crop with better quality and better yield.
      1. Shade Net using premium grade raw materials and in accordance with the prevailing industry standards.
      2. Shade Net provide complete protection to plants kept inside the shade and help in preventing plants from harsh weather conditions.
      3. These Shade Net depending on the type of crop, its light and photosynthesis needs, the right choice of Agro Shade Net are stable.
      4. These Agro Shade Net seedlings are better grown under Agroshade net for faster growth.
      5. Shade Net houses are basically naturally ventilated climate controlled. Jain Net houses have a variety of applications, the majority being, growing of vegetables, floriculture, fruit crop growing for export market.
      6. Best quality knitted shade nets (UV Stabilized) to protect against excessive sun light, harmful UV rays, birds and heavy winds.
      7. It helps in controlling temperature. light, water and moisture of nature as per requirement resulting in best output and quality of crop.
    1. 3x1meter (3sqm)
    2. 3x2meter (6sqm)
    3. 3x3meter (9sqm)
    4. 3x4meter (12sqm)
    5. 3x5meter (15sqm)
    6. 3x10meter (30sqm)
    7. 3x15meter (45sqm)
    8. 3x20meter (60sqm)
    9. 3x50meter (150sqm)