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Pepper Agro Helichrysum Mixed Flower seeds 2 packs

Helichrysum Seeds - Scarlet. Helichrysum (Helichrysum Bracteatum Scarlet) - Start scarlet Strawflower seed and produce these beautiful 2 inch wide daisy-like blooms. They also come in shades of bronze, cream, pink, purple, white and yellow. The flowers bloom on top of stems that reach 36 to 40 inches in height.

Strawflower is a terrific annual! It easily establishes from Helichrysum seeds, and produces lovely flowers from late spring until fall frosts. As an added bonus, the flowers can be cut and dried and made into dried floral arrangements. The flowers hold their color very well after drying giving the additional name for this flower of Everlasting Daisy. To dry, pick flowers when lower 2 - 4 rows of petals are just beginning to open. Remove foliage, bunch loosely and hang upside down in a warm, airy place.