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Lettuce Angelina Vegetable Seed 1 Pack Comes With Free Pot & Root Plug Combo

    1. This listing contains Lettuce Angelina Vegetable seed 1 pack comes with free root plug and 4inch round pot black colour.
    2. No of seeds is 300 in each pack.
    3. Lettuce grows well under full sunlight in winter.
    4. So place your containers accordingly.
    5. Lettuce plant is grown by transplantation method.
    1. Seeds are first sown indoors in seedling trays or outdoors on seed beds & later the seedlings are transplanted into the container or in raised beds.
    2. Sowing medium: Coco peat or a potting soil
    3. The most popular type of Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce is very heat-sensitive.
    4. It is a fresh green plant that gives a heavenly taste when used with exotic vegetables and sauces.
    5. The fresh juicy and crispy leaves have a refreshing taste and soft texture making it a perfect ingredient for garden fresh salads.
    6. It can be eaten raw or can be cooked. Buy vegetable Seeds Online