Pepper Agro


M Drip Irrigation Kits (Available for 20, 50, 100, 150 & 200 plants)

    1. M-Drip Kit is one of the simplest and easiest methods to water garden plants.
    2. This can be used to water plants in Terrace, Balcony, Ground Garden space etc
    3. The installation of M-Drip Kit can be done by anyone at home as it is very simple procedure (No need for plumber to do this installation).
    4. The manual provided along with the Drippers Irrigation kit includes a step by step graphical guidance for installation.
    5. All the necessary tools / components are part of this Irrigation dripper kit.
    6. Easy Installation Saves Water by 70% Reduced Pest Attack Hassle Free. Check the description fo the full set of components.
    1. 1.16mm Main supply line Pipe ( 12 mm for 10 & 20 plants kit)
    2. 2. 4mm Feeder line Pipe
    3. 3. Drip Emitters
    4. 4. Feeder to main supply line connectors
    5. 5. Emitter Stakes
    6. 6. Dummy(For closing any unwanted hole in main supply line)
    7. 7. Elbow connectors
    8. 8. T connectors
    9. 9. Straight connector with tap (Stop supply to particular line)
    10. 10. Straight connectors
    11. 11.End Caps
    12. 12. Universal Water Tap Adapters
    13. 13. Drip Hole Punch(tool to make hole in main supply pipe)
    14. 14. Graphical Installation Manual.