Pepper Agro


Pepper Agro Magic Strechable Expandable Garden water Hose pipe up to 40 feet

    1. Stretchable 10 to 15 meter with 7 way gun.Break resistant dual layer construction
    2. Connector Adapter Suitable with angle cock threading.
    3. Very quick and easy to put away.Lightweight automatically expands..Never Kinks, tangles or snags.
    1. When using the hose first time, ensure to fill the hose with water with the shut off valve off and allow the hose to stretch and expand.
    2. Once it has expanded, release the water and repeat the above process once more before started using it.
    3. Turn the water off at the source when the hose is not in use.
    4. It will never tangle or kink, draining the hose after use is easy and it is easy to roll up and store. You're about to enjoy watering the garden again.
    5. Keep the hose indoor and shaded to increase the life of the hose.