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Pepper Agro Marigold F1 Inca Yellow Flower Seeds pack of 2

20 Marigold F1 inca seeds

Germination(Min): 70%, Genetic Purity(Min): 98%, Physical Purity (Min): 98%

Growing Instructions

Make a fine and raising nursery bed required for raising healthy seedling.

Seed bed is prepared by mixing farm yard manure (at least 10 month old), sand and coir peat mixed in equal proportions.

Place the media in a wooden box of size 1‘ X 1.5 X 3' or seed pans and press uniformly.

Make 0.5 cm deep groove, using a wooding stick. Spray capstan solution. Cover the beds with cloth or canvas sheet.

Water the cloth - covered beds with finesprinkler, twice every day till germination.

As soon as you see that they are just germinating, remove the cover and expose the seedlings to partial shade, and keep on irrigating with sprinkler morning & evening daily.


Once the seedling are transplanted to beds or pots, fertilizing (1 g 17 : 17/liter of water) has to be started 10 days after transplanting.

This can be repeated once in 15 days.


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