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Marigold (Tegetes Erecta) Hawaii Orange Flower Seed 1 Pack Comes With Free Pot & Root Plug

    1. This listing contains Marigold (Tagetes Erecta) Hawaii Orange seed 1 pack comes with free root plug and 4inch round pot black color.
    2. Large compact flowers, ideal for beds and pots.
    3. Long-lasting showy flowers with a sturdy stem.
    1. Orange Hawaii is a tall Marigold that will grow over 3 feet tall.
    2. His large double deep orange flowers are 4 inches across.
    3. Prefers full sun and rich, organic soils that are well-drained.
    4. They are moderately drought tolerant, so only water when needed.
    5. Pick faded flowers to encourage more blooms. Plant in the spring after the last average frost date.