Pepper Agro


Pepper Agro Multipurpose Nitrile Gloves Heavy Duty Blue and white

    1. Black Nitrile for Extreme comfort, Non-Sterile Durability, Powder-free, High Chemical Resistant, High resistance to oil, Break Cleaner, and gloves do not expand upon contact of Oil,Superior Strength, Puncture Resistant, Ambidextrous gloves, maintaining Tactile Feel.
    2. Micro-textured finger tips for maximizing gripping power; Textured finger tips for great gripping strength for wet or dry applications,Extra protection, Better Puncture Resistance than latex, Heavy duty nitrate gloves.
    3. Applicalble for Multipurposes like Gardening, cleaning, heavy eqipment maintainance. Cleaning around the house. Law Enforcement, Maintenance and Cleanup, Automotive, Industry Use.
    1. Multipurpose Nitrile Gloves Heavy Duty Set of 1,Size 24cm lenght,14cm width, 1cm height Combining superior comfort and strength with superior tactile sensitivity.
    2. These blue and white nitrile gloves hold up better against rips and tears than other synthetic gloves.
    3. Nitrile Exam gloves provide excellent durability and barrier protection against bloodborne pathogens and other environmental contaminants.
    4. Textured to provide excellent non-slip wet gripping power when handling tools, they are also powder free so they won't interfere with your task.
    5. Perfect for medical technicians,law enforcement and laboratory settings or anywhere a durable nitrile glove with a professional black nitrile appearance is required.
    6. Around the home, these blue and white nitrile gloves can be used indoors or outdoors, in the kitchen or garage. Ideal for lawn equipment or car repair and maintenance, cleaning, home maintenance and repairs, painting and plumbing, yard work, personal care, child care, senior care, pet care, arts and crafts.
    7. Leading the fashion trend ! Brand New and Professional Quality. Also A healthy life for us.
    1. Lenght = 24cm
    2. Width = 14cm
    3. Height = 1cm