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Mushroom Spawn/Seeds Edible Oyster CO2 Variety 300g Set of 2

    1. Oyster mushrooms may sound more like something you'd find in the ocean than on land.
    2. Yet this edible fungus can be beneficial to the body and breaks down toxic chemicals.
    3. Oysters are one of the most versatile mushrooms. They are easy to cultivate and common all over the world.
    4. They are also very beautiful, coming in a broad spectrum of colors.
    1. Cocopeat/Straw (the medium for growing the mushrooms in)
    2. Containers (for soaking straw)
    3. Plastic bags (or reusable containers for holding straw)
    4. Elastic bands or string (to constrict bag opening)
    5. Cotton wool (to filter out contaminants)
    6. Barrel or drum (for pasteurising the straw)
    7. Material liner (for holding bags within barrel)
    8. Gas burner (for heating barrel)
    9. Bleach spray (to clean growing room)
    10. Spoon, gloves, clean clothes, face mask (to look the part when inoculating straw)
    11. A growing area that can retain moisture in the air, shaded with some light.
    12. Possibly plastic sheeting (to help retain humidity & to reduce other unwanted moulds)