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Pepper Agro Organic Coco Peat Expands Up to 210 Litres (70 Litres (4.5Kg Bale) X 3 Qty) !!! Free !!! Expansion Kit Online India

    1. Cocopeat is available in compressed Bale "M-Brick" for convenience in handling and savings in the cost of Transportation.
    2. These bricks could be easily reconstituted by adding water till it becomes light and fluffy.
    3. A compressed Bale of M-Brick will reconstitute to give 60-70 ltrs(30KG) of cocopeat powder.
    4. This Listing is for 3 Qty of Coco Peat Bale which weighes 4.5-5 Kg and the expanded volume will be up to 210 Litres(60-70 Litres per bale).
    5. High moisture retention, Reduces frequency of irrigation.
    6. Improves physical & biological condition of soil Improves aeration, Enhances strong and healthy root system.
    1. Coco peat 100% Natural!!!! Cocopeat is available in compressed Bale "M-Brick"
    2. Technical Specifications Size 30 x 30 x 12 cm Weight 4.5 to 5 kg per bale approx. Volume 65/70 ltrs.
    3. Per bale after reconstitution Moisture Content 15 to 20 % Organic Matter 85 to 90 % Water Holding Capacity More than 800 % pH 5.2 to 6.8 E.C. Less than 1 m/mhos Fibre Content 10 - 15 % Reconstitution Procedure Place M-Brick in a 70Ltr container -23 litres of water per bale.
    4. Allow the briquette to soak in the water. Stir until light and fluffy. Buy Online India
    5. M-Brick Bale is ready as planting media.
    1. Length = 30cm
    2. Breadth = 30cm
    3. Height = 12cm