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Pansy Super Majestic Giant Mixed Flower Seeds 1 Pack Comes With Free Pot & Root Plug

    1. This listing contains Pansy Super Majestic Giant Mixed Flower seed 1 pack comes with free root plug and 4inch round pot black color.
    2. Pansy super majestic giant mixed is an annual plant.
    3. No seeds 40-50.
    4. Sowing Season: August to October Blooming period September to December.seed could be sown in the summer and the anticipated fall flowers would occur naturally, without an artificial cool treatment. Majestic Giants Mix opened the door for southern fall pansy plantings.
    5. Once the Seedling is transplanted to beds or pots, fertilizing (1g 17:17/liter of water) has to be started 10 days after transplanting. This can be repeated once in 15 days.
    1. Compact and bushy plants for beds, edging, and planters. Long flowering in a very wide range of colors. These colorful flowering plants make excellent bedding and container displays, whilst the taller types make superb cut flowers.
    2. Majestic Giants Mix will perform in a garden or in a container. Another desirable trait is bright vivid colors. This classic mix offers a wide range of colors from blue, scarlet, cherry red, yellow, and orange to pure white. Majestic Giants Mix is an exceptionally long-lived pansy for spring and fall seasons.".