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Pepper Agro Petunia Hulahoop Mixed Flower seeds 2 packs

    1. Hulahoop is an extra early flowering grandiflora series of picotee petunia with 3 inch/7 cm blooms
    2. No of seeds 40-50.Package contains 2 packs of seeds
    3. Petunias are as easy to grow as they are pretty. They require ample sun and grow best in rich soil with good drainage, but also perform well in infertile soil
    4. All colors have excellent outdoor performance, are heavy blooming and compact in habit.
    1. Hula Hoop Series petunias feature the large colorful blooms typical of Grandiflora hybrids. The ruffled single flowers of 'Hula Hoop Mix' are blue, red, rose and burgundy all with a white picotee edge. The plants are productive and the blooms heat and weather resistant. This petunia is an excellent garden and container selection. They bloom best with regular fertilization and will continue to flower all season if spent growth and old blooms are occasionally pruned back. Petunias have a crisp look and are good for beds, hanging baskets, window boxes and tubs. Plant them anywhere that brilliant long-lasting color is needed.
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