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Combo Pack Of Rocket Seeds / Root Plug / 4Inch Pot | Buy Online

    1. This Offering Contains a combo pack of Rocket Seeds with free root plug and 4inch pot.
    2. No of seeds is 50 in each pack
    3. Rocket is an annual herb & easy to grow seeds can be sown direct in the garden in a very shallow hole about 5mm deep
    4. Grows best in cool weather.
    5. Can also be grown as a fall crop. Sow early in spring. Protect from heat with shade cloth.
    6. Likes fertile soil, ample water.
    7. Best when picked minutes before your meal.
    1. Rocket leaves or popularly know as arugula or salad rocket is nutritious green leafy vegetable the young tender leaves carry a bitter peppery flavor that makes it mostly a salad vegetables.
    2. rocket leaves have a sweet nutty flavor when they re young but start developing a strong spicy flavor.