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Pepper Agro Stocks Double Perfection Mix Flower seeds 2 packs

Large-flowered, branching plants. Very popular for summer beds, borders and containers. Strongly fragrant flowers, both single and double, clothing sturdy stems. Ten Week Stocks Summer Flowering (HHA) -usually grown as half-hardy annual. Height 45cm (18").70 – 84 days. Midget Mix stock seeds grow fragrant, elegant, timeless, and cold-tolerant blooms when other flowers would wither. Midget Mix stock seeds grow compact 8 – 12” dwarf plants ideal for indoor gardening and adding natural aromatics to your home. Midget Mix stock is hardy, easy to grow from seed, and for generations has been selectively crossed to produce brilliant 60 – 80% double blooms. Midget Mix stock is a nostalgic floral shop favorite and promises to add a professional charm to your seasonal arrangements, baskets, and bouquets. 1000 Seeds.