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Buy Thyme Herbs Seed 1 Pack Comes With Free Pot & Root Plug | Buy Online

    1. This listing contains Thyme Herbs seed 1 pack comes with free root plug and 4inch round pot black colour.
    2. No of seeds is 50 in each pack
    3. Easy to grow from seed though germination is slow taking from 14 to 28 days.
    4. Seeding best started indoors in a flat where temperature can be kept around 70°. Thyme seeds are very small.
    5. Harvest thyme just before the flowers begin to open, by cutting the plant one and a half to 2 inches from the ground.
    6. A second growth will develop but this should not be cut at all.
    7. This would reduce the plant's winter hardiness. Although a hardy perennial, thyme plants need care over the winter months to survive the cold.
    8. For small gardens, space plants about 9 inches apart, for field production space plants 12-18 inches apart in rows 3 feet apart.
    1. Thyme seeds are difficult to germinate and can take along time to sprout.
    2. If you would like to grow thyme from seeds, follow these steps for growing thyme seeds, with the soil in the container you will be planting thyme seeds.
    3. Gently scatter soil over the seeds water thoroughly cover with plastic wrap.
    4. seeds will germinate in one to 12 weeks. once thyme seedlings are 4 inches high, plant themn where you will be growing thyme in your garden. Buy garden seeds online