Pepper Agro


Pepper Argo Garden Watering Car Wash 9 Mode Pattern Spray Nozzle Set of 1 (colour may vary)

    1. Material: Plastic, Colour: may vary
    2. Dimension : 6*6*20 CM Weight: 165g
    3. Enabled with 9 Modes of Nozzles: FAN, CONE, CENTER, JET, MIST, SOAKER, FLAT, ANGLE, SHOWER, Best used with 1/2 Inch hose pipes
    4. A slide knob allows you to adjust water pressure as you need, and it can help save a lot of water.
    5. Best use for Watering Your Garden, Lawn, Grass, Flower Beds, washing Your Car, Dogs and Pets.
    1. Jet - Used to soak dry plants at the base or to fill watering cans
    2. Mist, Soaker - Used to gently spray fragile flowers or herbs.
    3. Shower - Used to water plants, or to clean dogs or pets.
    4. Cone,fan - Used for long distance watering of grass or lawn.
    5. Flat - Use for targeted watering at some distance.
    6. Center, Angle - Use to water across a horizontal area.