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Long Hand Spray Gun 9 Mode/Pattern With ON/OFF Button | Easy Garden Watering with Braided Hose Pipe 3/4" inch | Buy Online


Material: PVC, Color: Green, Dimension: 3/4" inch with Hose

2. Package Contents:9 Mode long hand Spray gun with 3/4" inch with Hose.

3. 9-Mode/Pattern: the 9 patterns meet all your watering needs, from fine mist for delicate plants to a strong jet for cleaning and long handle help to reach High.

4. A braided pipe is flexible and their smooth exterior facilitates pulling them past trees, posts, and other obstacles.

5. Perfectly use this Long Hand spraying gun for watering plants, garden area, and lawns.

6. This model feels comfortable and surprisingly light in the hand. It also comes with an impressive eight spray patterns – jet, cone, center, angle, fine rose, mist, fan, and shower. Compared to the metal material, the garden sprayer is made of tpr durable material, lightweight durable, impact-resistant, and corrosion resistance. Adjustable and consistent water flow by rotating hose nozzle tip. Twisting from left to right for adjustable flows. High-pressure water gun is ideal for car, bike vehicle cleaning, vehicle wash, gardening spray. Buy hose Online